Patient Room Prototype_ 2006

An Interdisciplinary Design + Research Collaboration with the Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System

The Village Hospital at Pelham will initially be a 48 bed community hospital serving a rapidly growing area
midway between Greenville and Spartanburg, SC. It is anticipated that within five years the hospital will
have 150 beds with an ultimate capacity of 250-300 beds. The patient room prototype is intended to provide
an adaptable ‘chassis’ for all acute care and telemetry patient rooms in the facility. The hospital and
health campus at Pelham is envisioned as a research platform for health facilities design in conjunction with
a nearby University. This prototype is envisioned as the first of many follow on design-research projects at
the campus.
The prototype is first being built and evaluated as a mock-up under simulated use conditions by the design
team and SRHS staff. Refined beta versions of the rooms will be built at the health system’s existing campus
and evaluated under operational patient care conditions during the planning and design of the new
campus. The feedback from the initial mock up and beta rooms will then be used to finalize the patient
rooms built at the Village Hospital.


PRP-_-Boards-_-30x20-_-A.pdf (2 downloads) PRP-_-Boards-_-30x20-_-B.pdf (2 downloads)

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