Ambulatory Surgery Center Project

The Fall semester 2016 project in the first year student’s Architecture + Health studio was for a 100,000 + square foot Ambulatory Services Campus Masterplan on the Medical University of South Carolina’s (MUSC) new Ambulatory Campus in the West Ashley area of Charleston, South Carolina. The first Phase Design Project is a 40,000 square foot Orthopedic Ambulatory Surgery Center for MUSC’s Musculoskeletal Institute. The Ambulatory Surgery Center is planned to include the following departments; Surgery, Imaging and a future medical office building. The Surgery center is planned to accomodate 6 ORs and 2 Procedure Rooms with the ability to expand in the future.

This project aims to address MUSC’s space program needs, but also incorporate a holistic approach to healing and an innovative integration of alternative medical and non-medical healing concepts of the mind, body and spirit in terms of dealing with the internal and external influences of a truly healing environment. The project also addresses the health of the community at large in its environmental and contextual response. The student design solutions seek to address the specific environmental issues of the site including topographic, vegetation, soil, site access, and utilities and how they relate to the specific health, cultural, racial, socio-economic, and political issues in the area by paying homage to the importance of this specific site and its contextual significance in the community of West Ashley.


Part 1 – Case Study and Analysis

Part 2 – Student projects

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